Dairy Sector

  • 1. Dairy ERP Software is a software designed to enable to efficiently manage your resources in Dairy. Having our vast experience at Anchal Dairy (UCDF) & Saras Dairy (RCDF), we understand the needs of Dairy Sector and the challenges that Dairy Sector encounters everyday.
  • 2. Our Software manages all the aspects of your dairy in an integrated system so it maps

Dairy ERP – a complete ecosystem package

  • Procurment & Store
    • Manage Procurement Real-time from your office.
    • Real-time capturing of Milk Collection Data.
    • Real-time capturing of Data Received at Plant.
    • Online Store Inventory and Request Management.
    • Purchase Order generation.
  • Human Resource
    • GPS tracking of Field Employees.
    • Biometric Attendance of Employees.
    • Payroll Implementation.
  • Production Lab & Inventory
    • Mapping of Milk from Procurement to Production
    • Milk Inventory Management
    • Products Inventory Management
    • Lab Test Results Management
    • Batch Management
  • Sales & Inventory
    • Sales & Inventory Management
    • Billing
    • Centralized Sales Counting
    • Sales Depot Management
  • Accounting
    • Purchase Management
    • Seller Accounts Management
    • Milk Collection Centre Accounts Management
    • Sales Depot Accounts Management
    • Credit Note/Debit Note


Cybuzz Automated Dairy Solution develops integrated innovative process, control & automation solutions for Dairy industry. The dairy software is highly in demand for its advantages of easy to install and precise & fast calculation. We offer the latest functionality and automation of milk collection software .We offer state-of-the-art technology that enhances the value to customers through a combination of multiple high-end technologies for complete solutions. Collect data from CC/Center, process the data, generate bills and provide all necessary MIS reports.HO can also do the milk collection. Operates the milk collection menu, receive the data from collection point/center and export the data to